Facebook Ads Budget Calculator

Calculate how much you have to spend on ads to reach your goals. Find the best ad budget allocation between different campaigns to maximize your ROAS.

By Revenue

This is what the calculator needs from you:

Monthly Revenue Goal - How much you would like to earn in a month with Ads?
Average Order Price - How much is the average order value?
Cost per Mille - How much are you spending to show your ads to 1,000 people?
Click-Through Rate - Percentage of people who are clicking on your ads. For example, 100 impressions and 1 click on an ad means CTR 1(%)
Conversion Rate - The percentage of conversion there were out of the total number of visits.

This is what you need to achieve your revenue goal:

Total Budget

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Acquisition Budget
Retargeting Budget
Retention Budget
Cost Per Click (CPC) - shows how much, on average, each link click costs you.
Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) - The cost you pay when someone takes action on your website through your Facebook ad (action can be page like, lead gen, video view, link click, add to cart, purchase, etc).

Facebook Ads Budget Calculator

This tool is a day-to-day helper that’ll help you plan ad budgets and allocations. It’s used by beginner advertisers and even by experienced experts. Even tho Facebook Business Manager provides a lot useful reports and insights, when it comes to planning provided information is less useful. And that’s why this Calculator was made.

How to calculate your Facebook Advertising Budget

Fill the column on the left with your own numbers:

  • Your final revenue goal (monthly goal)
  • The average order value
  • Cost per Impression (you can also choose an indicative cost per region)
  • How many percentages of people click on your ads (you can also choose an indicative rate)
  • The conversion rate from sales material to actual sales (e.g. webinar sales, checkout completions) - average values can be chosen by region also.


What if you don’t know the exact numbers?

The Budget Calculator will only be as accurate as the data you enter. But we have also included different regions’ average statistics into the calculator so you can also choose between those when you don’t know your own results (or haven’t started advertising yet).


Can you make a profit on Facebook Ads?

Once you’ve entered your numbers (or chosen preset averages) into the calculator, you’ll see yourself. After seeing the results, is there a chance to profit using Facebook Ads?